International Journal of

Advances in Cancer Sciences

Cancer is one of the major causes of death worldwide  and it is a complicated biomedical issue with more than 100 cancer types. To reach the needs cancer suffering population, cancer research is progressing exponentially in cancer detection, cancer diagnosis, cancer immunotherapy, cancer imaging, anti-cancer drugs, cancer biomarkers, cancer biology, cancer pathogenesis, side effects of cancer therapies, cancer metabolism, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, cancer genetics, oncology, surgical oncology, oncology nursing, cancer vaccines, advanced areas of cancer nanotechnology, and cancer drug discovery, etc. Publishing and permanent archiving of the research outputs of  cancer sciences are increasing day by day. International Journal of Advances in Cancer Sciences (IJACS) is an open-access journal that fulfills all requirements of a multidisciplinary cancer research journal and we welcome all the cancer research community to share the knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

International Journal of Advances in Cancer Sciences (IJACS) is an open-access journal and all the published articled are open to read and reuse  information for further research. IJACS journal will enable each person to read or share their work on various intricacies of cancer. This journal will focus on the next revolution of research publication in cancer sciences starting with the symptoms of cancer, types of cancer, root causes of cancer from daily unhealthy lifestyles to genetic inheritance, followed by the regular cancer treatments and side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, various anti-cancer drugs, anti-tumor antibiotics and advanced research areas of nanotechnology in cancer. IJACS is a peer-review journal and provides a unique forum for researchers from all areas of cancer to synthesize various ideas, approaches and contextualize them into the larger framework of cancer sciences.

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