Peer Review Process

Peer review process guarantee that journal publishes good articles that promotes the value of the scientific community and help to enhance the quality of your paper before it is published. It is the assessment of submitted manuscripts by experts in your field which is crucial to evaluate the quality and suitability of manuscripts for publication.


1. Submission of Manuscript 

The corresponding author/s submits the manuscript on an online system and rarely by email. Authors are requested to propose (who are experts in the field) potential reviewers who can give unprejudiced reports on their manuscript.


2. Assessment of Manuscript

The Editor-in-Chief checks that the manuscript is apt for the journal, interesting and original. The journal verifies the manuscripts for plagiarism and cross checks manuscript if it is per the author guidelines of the journal or not.  If not, the manuscript may be rejected without further review process. 


3. Reviewers are invited 

The editor-in-Chief or editor invites experts in the same area to review. Generally, two reviewers for one manuscript are necessary. 


4. Review Process

Once the potential reviewers who are experts in the subject accept the manuscript to review, they read the manuscript in detail. The reviewer may suggest revising (labeled as either minor or major) the manuscript and resubmit it or may reject it.


5. Journal assesses the reviews

The editor considers all the reviews by the reviewers before the final decision. If the reviews vary widely, then additional reviewers may be invited to review the manuscript for further opinions before the final decision. 


6. Communication of Decision

The Journal editor communicates to the author for any revisions or acceptance or rejection of the manuscript. 


 7. Revision & resubmission of the manuscript 

If the manuscript needs revision (usually minor revisions will be there), authors should revise and resubmit the manuscript and the reviewer will review the manuscript once again.


8. Publication

Once the manuscript is accepted (upon first submission or resubmission after revision), the manuscript is sent for publication and the same will be communicated to author/s.