International Journal of 
Infectious and Tropical Diseases

Infectious and tropical diseases effects our daily life and population with inferior immunity is prone to more risk. The global population is facing various infectious and tropical diseases (due to viruses, bacteria, parasites, pathogens) from time to time. Upon infection, host behavior changes that trigger the immune system and show reactions that may be prominent or suppressive, or susceptible. To combat the serious effects or to overcome the challenges during and after the phase of diseases, various hospitals, research organizations, and companies are striving hard. There are continuous rigorous studies that focus on the disease pathogenesis, diagnosis, cure, treatment of diseases, and host immune interactions. The outcomes of original research studies need a common strong forum to publish and keep the records permanently with open access for the welfare of the world. The International Journal of Infectious and Tropical Diseases is an online open-access peer-reviewed journal that publishes only peer-reviewed high-quality papers in all aspects of infectious and tropical diseases.

The “International Journal of Infectious and Tropical Diseases” (IJITD) is an international open-access peer-review journal that publishes articles from the infectious and tropical disease research fields of virology, bacteriology, immunology, microbiology, epidemiology, and associated disciplines after the peer-review process. It is an open-access journal that making information on infectious and tropical diseases more accessible to people all over the world. IJITD accepts and publishes the latest articles containing innovative research applications that are helpful in promoting the ongoing research in the fields of infectious diseases and tropical diseases. Each issue presents peer-reviewed original research articles, reviews, editorial commentaries, case studies, and short communications from virology, bacteriology, etc. With your support journal, “International Journal of Infectious and Tropical Diseases will become a world-class scientific journal and a great source of literature and research ideas for professors, scientists, researchers, and students.

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A. C. Matin
Dr Monika Kaushal
Prof. Dr. Alireza Heidari,
Dr. Bhola Nath
Prof. Dr. Ahmed G. Hegazi

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