International Journal of
Materials and Nano Sciences 

In the recent decade, there is a big leap of advances in modern technologies and it's applications in science and technology that facilitate to improve, revolutionize many technological and industrial sectors such as medicine, energy, information technology, environmental sciences, food safety, transport, etc, to deliver expected and unexpected benefits to the society. The interdisciplinary area of materials sciences (materials science and  engineering) plays a crucial role in research institutes and a majority of the companies in the world, as it bridges the gap that lead to the discovery and designing of new materials that are efficient, stronger, more sustainable, and cheaper. The emerging vast areas of materials science and nanotechnology are expanding due to their tremendous applications in various fields and there is a need for a multidisciplinary journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles with open access. International Journal of Materials and Nano Sciences aims to fulfill this need of the materials and nanoscience’s fraternity to publish and permenently archive the articles.

The International Journal of Materials and Nano Sciences (IJMNS) is an open-access journal and publishes peer-reviewed quality articles in the areas of materials science and nanotechnology. Materials science is an interesting research subject as it integrates other subjects mainly chemistry, physics, engineering, etc. Nanotechnology and, nanoscience are the other areas of materials science that gained an exceptional place in science and technology due to several applications in medicine (nanomedicine), chemistry (nanochemistry), physics (nanophysics), environment (nano energy and environment), biotechnology, (nanobiotechnology), etc. As the IJMNS is an open access international journal, this feature of open access journal gives a royal road to research experts of nano and materials engineering to read, learn and reuse the information in published articles for the progress of the research. Hurry up and submit the articles to showcase your research/studies in the arena of materials science and nanotechnology.

Editorial Board

Vasili Perebeinos
Shiv N. Khanna
Emily M. Hunt
Supriyo Bandyopadhyay
Aziz Fellah
Sabu Thomas
K.K. Singh
Milena Georgieva
Thathan Premkumar
S. Radhakrishnan
Sebahattin Tüzemen
Eugene Mananga

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