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Research Advances in Chemistry

Chemistry is often stated as central science and a fascinating subject to study. It is a fundamental subject as chemistry plays a crucial role in our existence in all aspects. It unites other sciences such as physics, biology, mathematics, medicine, environmental, and earth sciences. Advances in chemistry enrich the quality of our lives in various ways by giving solutions to issues in medicine, energy, and materials usage. To reach this need, tremendous research work is in progress in various institutes throughout the world The emerging vast research areas of chemistry are gaining attention due to their incredible applications in numerous fields and there is a requirement for an open-access chemistry journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles. International Journal of Advances in Chemistry (IJAC), open-access journal strives to archive these research studies permanently.

International Journal of Research Advances in Chemistry (IJRAC) is an international and open access peer-reviewed journal aiming to provide a global academic platform for experts, researchers to publish high-quality articles of research, reviews, case studies, short communications, etc. that promote scientific knowledge significantly in the arena of chemistry. To reach the ongoing demand for chemistry research, IJRAC covers a wide range of areas of chemistry, ex., analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, nuclear and physical chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer chemistry, applied chemistry, medical chemistry, environmental chemistry, and pharmaceutical chemistry. IJRAC follows the guidelines of COPE to review the articles and aims to carry quality articles. Hurry and submit your latest research work and research the global community of chemistry. 

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