Aims and Scope of International Journal of Advances in Cancer Sciences 

International Journal of Advances in Cancer Sciences (IJACS) is open access journal that aims to publish superior quality original articles emerging from research in cancer sciences, by cancer experts, oncologists etc. IJACS journal publishes peer-reviewed articles from all subjects of cancer and oncology. Cancer research is a vast and demanding subject as most of global population suffering from one or the other type of cancers for example leukemia or blood cancer, thyroid cancer, oral cancer, all types of bone cancer, lung carcinoma (lung cancer), head and neck cancer (esthesioneuroblastoma), ovarian cancer, colon cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer (ependymoma), renal cell or kidney cancer, endocrine cancer, uterine cancers, pancreatic cancer, melanoma or skin cancer and oesophageal cancer.

Various cancer research organizations in the world striving hard to advance the research areas of cancer, including cancer genomics, cancer molecular biology, cancer tumorigenesis, clinical research in cancer and novel immunotherapies. IJACS has dedicated team of cancer subject experts as editors and reviewers. Publish your cancer research work and get an opportunity to share your work with professors, scientists, doctors, research scholars, entrepreneurs and students from various hospitals, cancer research organizations, institutes, industries, companies, etc. The average time frame is 15-30 days for manuscript submission to final decision.

International Journal of Advances in Cancer Sciences (IJACS) accepts and publishes articles not only restricted to the following subjects:

ü Types of Cancer

ü Latest Cancer Treatment Methodologies

ü Cancer and Covid-19 Effects

ü Melanoma and Brain Tumors

ü Cancer Causes and Symptoms

ü Multidisciplinary Anti-Cancer Care Therapies

ü Cancer Cell Biology

ü Nanotechnology and Cancer

ü Cancer Diagnosis, Staging, Prognosis & Therapy

ü Organ Specific Cancers

ü Cancer Medical Devices and Equipments

ü Stem Cell Therapy

ü Cancer Nanobiotechnology

ü Pharmacology of Anti-Cancer Drugs

ü Cancer Pathology

ü Radiation Therapy (Internal and External Radiation)

ü Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs)

ü Cancer Research

ü Cancer Vaccines

ü Anti-Cancer Drugs

ü Cellular and Molecular Oncology

ü Cancer Sciences

ü Chemotherapy

ü Urological Cancers

ü Clinical and Medical Oncology

ü Heredity/Genetic Oncology

ü Gastrointestinal Cancer

ü Immuno Oncology

ü Gynecological Cancer

ü Oncology Nursing

ü Head, Neck and Thyroid Cancer

ü Oncology

ü Health and Nutrition in Cancer Care

ü Pediatric Oncology

ü Surgical Oncology

ü Preventive Oncology

ü Renal Cell Carcinoma

ü 3D Multicellular Cancer Models: Tumor Spheroids, Organoids

ü CRISPR: Creating Knockin Cell Lines and Animal Models of Human Cancer

ü Immunotherapy: Monoclonal antibodies and Tumor-Associated Treatments

ü Next-Generation Multimodality of Nanomedicine Therapy

ü Targeted Cancer Therapies: Tumor Micro Environment